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Hi, My name is Brenda Sissel and I am or was a Migraine sufferer for over 35 years. I want to share with you what I learned about migraines and how I got rid of them. I have been migraine free for over a year now. I hope this helps you if you are a sufferer also. 
It was not until I found doTERRA that I found complete relief and no more migraines.

 About 20 years ago I suffered from a 38 day migraine and was sent to the  MICHIGAN HEADACHE & NEUROLOGICAL INSTITUTE , where I learned what caused the Migraine and what not to eat and do with them. I at first had to learn to moderate my diet.  They trained you how to work with your headaches, what triggers them and how to deal with family reactions and activities when you suffer with them.  Most of the staff at the Institute suffered from migraines, So it was comforting knowing that I was not alone.
The reason I share this is because :
I learned there are several kinds of migraines and that men and women sufferer from them. I also learned one of my triggers was when the weather changed. My husband called me his barometer.  (it sounds funny but to me it was not) I learned a lot about managing the migraines and got them to where they were manageable but I still had a couple a month if not one every week. . Most of the time, I would end up at the ER for shots that would either cover the pain or relax me enough to get some sleep, but most of the time the headaches would come right back, it was a never ending circle. If you are a migraine sufferer you know what I am talking about.

 First I learned to watch what I eat foods can TRIGGER a migraine and then that  pills whether they are prescription or over the counter meds, can cause headaches or even BACKLASH migraines which are sometimes worse than Migraines. If you start taking nsaids or aspirin or over the counter “migraine pills such as the ones with Aspirin, Caffeine and Tylenol you can easily get addicted to them and end up with a Backlash headache. Then I also learned that lack of sleep or not sleeping regular hours can cause migraines.

Triggers for migraines vary from person to person and are not always predictable (do not always trigger the migraine) in an individual.  Some of the reported triggers for migraines include: stress, aspartame, and other sweetner substitutes, sleep disturbance, (even not sleeping regularly) fasting, dehydration, dietary changes, hormone changes, bright or flashing lights, allergies, chocolate, wine, certain odors, cigarette smoke, and caffeine, even household cleaners and chemicals can cause migraines. Also strobe lights and some other kinds of lights have been found to trigger migraines. I found that the lights at my church were causing them and it wasn't until they changed to a different kind that I finally did not have them every Sunday.  I found that the cleaner that they use on Stainless steel like water fountains and door handles really gave me fits, I would go into asthma attack and a migraine that would last for days. So many things can cause them. Finding your trigger is the important thing. Most doctors and nurses at the MHNI hospital wore mask when the custodians came it. Most of the staff at the Institute suffered from migraines.

Migraine headaches are a moderate to severe throbbing sensation that lasts a few hours or sometimes for days.  The precise reason for this type of headache is not known.
Some sufferers from migraines say that there are signs that signal when a migraine headache is coming on.  This includes signs such as tingling, light flashes, or other warnings that can suggest taking some preventative measures.  For many the headache is accompanied by sensitivity to light, loud sounds, and may include an upset stomach or even nausea.
An important step in helping with migraines is to determining from experience for an individual what triggers their migraines. By finding the triggers, one can anticipate them and use the habits of diet and lifestyle coupled with the essential oils to mitigate them.  

My Doterra CPTG Essential Oil Treatment:
I found that when I did a Yeast Cleanse and cleaned my body of all the toxins from these pills and other prescriptions including the pain killers that My Migraines and headaches went away. I also put some oils in my bath the first night of the cleanse and  helped “SWEAT” out  the toxins that were in my system. This may sound extreme but it worked for me. I found that felt much better and my body was able to accept the healing of the Essential Oils.
I still feel a sinus headache coming on when the weather changes but I use Past Tense Roll on Or Peppermint on my temples and my neck, and feel relief with in 10 minutes. I also get sinus headaches when I drive into Louisville with all the smog and I use my Breathe oil blend, and do a Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint swish as in the video below for allergies, this helps me in seconds.  Once in a while I get a headache at church from the lights or stress and I use Past Tense. They are gone within seconds.
For more information on Migraines and their triggers you can check out they have a list for triggers. I also copied the food trigger list at the bottom of this blog.


 "Acephalgic Migraine" and "silent Migraine." In this case, the two terms are generally accepted to mean a Migraine attack without a headache. Any type of Migraine can be acephalgic. There are four potential phases of a Migraine attack (for a description of the four phases:
1.                                         Prodrome
2.                                         Aura
3.                                         Headache
4.                                         Postdrome
Not all Migraineurs experience all four phases, and one Migraine attack can be different from the next. Simply put, an acephalgic Migraine skips the headache phase. Any type of Migraine can be acephalgic.
Because migraines are so individual and varied that the oils to use will also vary.  Listed here are protocols that have worked for others. 
Experience One - detailed:
Start as soon as any warning appears. 
  1 - 2 drops of Frankincense on your finger and rub on the roof of your mouth
  Roll PastTense on the back of the neck and the base of the skull
  1 - 2 drops of Deep Blue on the temples and forehead.  Also Deep Blue can be applied to the neck and shoulder region.
  1 - 2 drops DigestZen internally if nauseous.
Repeat every 15 minutes - 2 hours as long as necessary.  Nap if situation allows.
Experience Two - simple:
Start as soon as any warning appears. 
  1 - 2 drops of PastTense on the forehead
  Continue PastTense over the crown of the head through the hair to the neck and shoulders
  Rub into each area
Repeat every 15 minutes - 2 hours as long as necessary.  Nap if situation allows.
Massage while suffering from a migraine usually is not a pleasant option. Applying the oil or blend as a foot massage may be tolerable. Because root cause and personal reactions are so varied it will take personal experience to find the optimum solution for each individual.
Having a foundation of healthy diet and rest is important.  The Life Long Vitality supplements will help provide this.

Other testimonies from other people about using essential oils for Migraines follows:

I would start with Frankinsence. I often get what I call "half migraines" when the weather is being wibbly wobbly. I just get the vision issues, confusion/foggy mind, and nausea. LLV every day is a HUGE help for me, and I do a few drops of Franki either on the roof of my mouth or under my tongue if I get one. After a few minutes they always go away.  Whitney Coolidge 
Is this similar to an aura migraine? I know someone who used Balance on the back of neck +temples & Frankincense on roof of mouth & it was gone in less than 5 min...

Men Suffer from migraines just as much as women on man said
“John - I had a killer headache the other day, probably bordering on a migraine.  I'm sure it was stressed induced because of the day I had- had.  I had a few oils with me at work, but none seemed to help at all.  I was excited to get home and try the Lavender, Peppermint, and Frankincense blend.  I was bummed to learn that my wife had used the last of the Frankincense in a ulcer blend she did for a friend.
Desperate, I grabbed Marjoram, which is also listed as effective for headaches.  I blended the Marjoram, Lavender and Peppermint and my wife rubbed it in with a neck and shoulder massage.  I also put it on my temples.  I lay down with a cold pack in a towel under my neck, and closed my eyes.  In about 15 minutes, I found my the pain I had been experiencing all day - gone.  Completely.
I think I have a new favorite blend for headaches.
I should have said, I used about 5 drops each of Lavender and Marjoram and 2 drops of Peppermint.  I also used cup and inhale while I had my neck massaged.  If I had not felt better so soon, I would have put the same blend in a bath.”
This is an instance where Swelling of the leg was causing a migraine -
“Kathy - I have a friend who has had a migraine for over a week and finally went in to the doctor and was told she has lymphdema (one of her legs is swelling) and she has swelling with inflammation of the brain, they have no idea why.  I suggested the Candida cleanse (I did not have any GX assist) so she is just taking the Oregano, Melaleuca and Lemon in a capsule and she is drinking plenty of Lemon water.  Any other suggestions?  
Julie Ann – Here are suggestions for inflammation.  Use the AromaTouch techniqueas soon as possible.  The PastTense is so fabulous for headaches or migraines of any type.  My experience is that when you apply PastTense the pain is gone. Period.  Cypress and Lemon oils are good for swelling. Deep Blue and AromaTouch blends and Sandalwood oil are for Inflammation.
Pat – Also strongly suggest Frankincense as soon as possible, internally and topically.  Two drops of Frankincense under the tongue, no capsule is necessary, 4 times a day, then rub some on the crown of the head, and the back of the neck.
Kathy - My friend Rebekah's migraine has lessened and seems to be going down into her shoulders and neck,, she finally let me do an AromaTouch but only on her hands and feet, then we put Birch on her neck and shoulders and then AromaTouch oil on her neck and shoulders - she said that night was the first night she slept all night in 2 weeks.  She has been doing the Candida cleanse for a week now and says she is feeling better - migraine still there but much more bearable.  I got an order yesterday and got PastTense so I had her put that on the top of her head, neck and temples “
One woman said she liked Past Tense-
Julie Ann - PAST TENSE!!!   I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn with an exhaustion migraine.  It usually takes me 3 days to get over them.  I got up, rubbed PastTense on my forehead, through my hair (following the line of pain) down the back of my neck and over my shoulders.   When I got through (10 seconds max) rubbing it in, and started back upstairs to bed the migraine was GONE!   TOTALLY GONE! I laid back down pain free and woke up a few hours later pain free and ran all day wide open and as of tonight at 11:35pm I am still PAIN FREE!!!    I am totally sold on the PastTense headache roll-on!  
Some people swear by PastTense, or Birch. Others swear by Deep Blue and others get relief only from Frankincense. So one needs to experiment and figure out which one works best for them.
I get migraines and I tried a few oils before I found that Peppermint works wonders for me. I just rub it on my forehead, temples and neck.  Sometimes it is the ONLY thing that gets me to sleep. relief.
One thing you have to learn is  to get right on it as soon as you start to feel whatever you get, you have to use the oils about every 15-20 minutes continuously until the symptoms go away, and you do still have to relax and rest as much as possible during it.
So far, the oil combinations I know of are: Frankincense, Peppermint and Eucalyptus; Peppermint, Frankincense, Lavender; Deep Blue, Wintergreen; and I think Birch helps, too. It is my opinion that migraines are highly related to inflammation, so you need to keep your hormones balanced, use anti-inflammatory oils, be hydrated, and taking the Wellness Pack. I use Balance all day long, and it is the first oil I recommend to people. Migraines have a cycle; you have to keep working on them until you can retrain the body to not go into the cycle. That has taken about four months for me; I usually have about one a month, sometimes two. Just stay on it and keep trying whatever seems to work best. I stand in front of my box of oils and see what I feel I should add to whatever protocol I am trying. The oils really are individual, and of course, learning all you can about them helps.

Some people drink lemon and peppermint in their water, Lemon does detoxify the liver, so expelling the  toxins could even cause a migraine. Any kind of severe change in your body could cause a migraine if you tend to have them. 
Another person commented -
"Everyone is different, My friend who was having severe migraines on a monthly basis discovered it was due to 'aspartame poisoning'.  Anything 'diet' has aspartame in it
When I first started seriously using good essential oils, my body began cleansing. I also have migraines, and some of mine initially were really rough, but then they stopped entirely for some time! Anyone with a chronic condition, will experience some degree of cleansing, and should expect to have some discomfort or increased symptoms for a while. It is up to you whether you can simply work through it and continue with the oils; or you need to reduce them or stop. My training in cleansing taught me that you are better off sticking it out if you can; or reduce the use if the discomfort is too great. Sometimes with oils, one can simply switch to different ones for a few days; this is not scientific, but that might help, too.
Another Person uses 1 drop each of  Peppermint, Lavender and Frankincense 1 teaspoon of Fractionated Coconut oil and massage on back of neck, Temple and feet. Her migraines were gone within 5 minutes.
Oils don't "cause" a migraine, but just as foods or stress can trigger a migraine, oils can cause cleansing that can act as a trigger. People with migraines often have to experiment to discover what combination of oils works for them; Peppermint, Lavender and Frankincense do not work at all for me; I had to discover what would! I know others who have developed their own personal combinations, as well. We have to remember that oils work with our personal chemistry; while they have specific attributes, not all work the same on everyone. I always recommend several options when asked "which oil should I use?”


Candy, foods, drinks
Sugar (in excess):
Candy, cookies, cake
Ripened cheeses:
Cheddar, brick, mozzarella, Gruyere, Emmentaler, Stilton, Brie, Camembert, Boursalt
Dairy products:
Milk, ice cream, etc.
Alcoholic beverages:
Beer, red wine, sherry, etc.
Fruits and their juices:
Bananas, plantain, avocado, figs, passion fruit, raisins, pineapple, oranges, and other citrus fruits
Onions, pods of broad beans (lima, navy, pea pods), nuts, peanut butter
Fermented, pickled, marinated foods:
Herring, sour cream, yogurt, vinegar
Yeast products:
Yeast extracts, hot fresh breads, raised coffee cakes, doughnuts
Meats with nitrites:
Bologna, hot dogs, pepperoni, salami, pastrami, bacon, sausage, canned ham, corned beef, smoked fish
Salad bars, shrimp, soft drinks
Monosodium glutamate:
Chinese foods, Accent, Lawry's Seasoned Salt, instant foods (canned soup, TV dinners), processed meats, roasted nuts, potato chips
Soft drinks, diet foods
Coffee, tea, cola (stimulant effect, blood vessel constriction, rebound phenomenon)


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