Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ear Infections and Essential Oils


Using Basil for Ear Infections works well for children and adults. I have used it for swimmers ear which I got a lot and ear pain. It works wonders for me.
Make sure you remember to put it on a cotton ball and lay it in the ear. Never put Essential Oil drops in the ear. Also I used Grapefruit essential oil by rubbing a drop around the ear especially on the ear bone in the back. 

For Tinnitus you can use Helichrysum around the ear and on a cotton ball:
One of 

the suggested protocols is 
placing 2 drops of helichrysum on a cotton ball and placing the cotton 
ball in the ear. 

One Lady said " I just had 
someone try this and was told that the ear felt warm as they did 
this.  I believe they went to sleep with 
the cotton balls in the ears.  I was told that they had more relief 
from doing that than anything else they 
had tried in 30 years. 
In my own family we found that keeping the pressure off the sinuses 
stopped the tinnitus. "

One Woman said:
"I have a friend who uses Helichrysum and Basil for severe tinnitus. She applies behind the ear from top to bottom and down to the chin and repeats the same in front of the ear. It took about 1 week to start being able to hear on the phone and two weeks to go back to work. She applied once in the morning and once mid afternoon."

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